I want you to close your eyes and envision the life that you ultimately want. Your idea of a perfect career. How you would want to spend your free time? The clothes you want to wear and the home you wish to wake up in? Down to the vary shoes you put on your feet and the friends or family you spend your time with.

Have you done this before? How about just writing down your goals? Less than 3% percent of the population actually write down their goals. To get even more in depth, less than 1% of those people revisit said goals. Through time it is necessary to rewrite and re-evaluate your path. There is power in physically writing down the steps that are necessary to take. If you write them down and put them in a place that you can visually see every single day you are more likely to stay on track. Writing them down will also allow your brains hippocampus to store them into your long-term memory instead of throwing them out.

For me I have many many goals. I have a problem sometimes prioritizing them in ways that I can actually achieve them. You know that saying “Jack of all trades, master of none?” That is what it ultimately comes down too.

When I enclose my eyes, I envision a woman that people remember. A woman that is known not only for her looks, however her heart too. I am not the smartest individual. I am not the most charming or even the kindest. I don’t strive to be. I realize that is all comes with balance. I want to be looked at with respect. From my experience It is hard for me to be kind and caring without people crossing that line. In this world the majority of people take kindness for weakness and if I know anything, I know I am not weak.

I want to be a woman of Faith. A mentor to young individuals who are struggling in life. I want to be that woman that I needed when I was a child. I was a 15-year-old mother. I didn’t have one person that I could turn to for help. I didn’t have one person I could turn to for advice.

I want to be that woman. I want to be the woman that will hold open the door for others. The woman who twists the lightbulb on, instead of just throwing it out. The same woman who carries a ladder in her back pocket to assist others out of bad situations. The one who will hold a mirror in someone’s view until they can see their own beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the rags to riches story. I envision myself in an incredibly modern home and a high rise. One that is accented with black and grey marble countertops. Gold finishes throughout the house. I want a two-story full glass wall in my master bedroom with sheer grey curtains and a strip light showcasing the king-sized bed. My closet will be the size of a small room. Designed with a full-length mirror, island and small couch. One wall will be dedicated to shoes. The other wall will be organized by color and design of clothing. The purses and bags will be stored on both sides of the mirror. I am not a fan of hand bags so a few hung on a coat hanger will do.

For some reason I don’t envision the outside of the home. I do however picture the vehicles in the stone paved driveway though.

I know I will have a SUV, a fast car and a pair of motorcycles.

I personally would like a matt black Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV with gold details. For the car, it’s got to be fun. It has got to be fast. Matt Black gold, finishes. I am boujie enough to go with a Lamborghini of some sort. I doubt that is the car that I would ultimately purchase however, it is the car that I have pinned on my vision board. And then of course a matching motorcycles. One cruiser Harley Davidson style. And then a crotch rocket. And yes, these will both be mine. The hubby will have to get his own.

I picture a busy life. As much as I love going on vacations, I usually can’t wait to get back home to reality. I crave routine and progress.

When I am on vacation I constantly love to eat and drink. It is a tad bit contradicting to my goals. So, for my ultimate life, I picture allot of events. I want to work allot. I want to be busy. Not just busy, but productive. I even envision interviews and television. I will be on airplanes at least twice a month.

I would have a pronominal team behind me. We will conduct morning debriefs and stay on top of all the departments within the company. We will go over goals, statuses, and challenges they we may be facing. If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I realize to many of you, it may seem far-fetched and unrealistic.

To be honest, it is quite nerve racking putting this out there.

However, it is not your job to believe in my dreams. I challenge you to believe in yours. If people are not uncomfortable by your aspirations, then your dreams are not big enough.

Put together a plan and work towards it every single day.

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